200x300 cm
Black felt pen, silver felt pen and sepia ink on canvas. 

Eiffel Tower
Champ de Mars, Paris (75)
Île-de-France region (FR)

Curated by Quai 36

It is through Optical Art, Constructivism, Cubism or even in reference to the Bauhaus movement, that this painting pays homage to the Eiffel Tower, witnesses of the major artistic currents of the 20th century. From an original photographic shot, the different axes of the structure were traced to create clean areas in which black, white and silver lines were painted, similar to the steel beams. The flat areas of sepia color found randomly on the canvas are here to remind us of the rust color so particular to the monument. 

"À la pointe" is a work created last May to inaugurate the installation of a new antenna on the Tower, dedicated to digital terrestrial radio and which now reaches 330 meters high. This painting was created at the Quai 36 offices and then finalized during a seminar on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower for the Télédiffusions de France company.
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