40x50 cm
Acrylic on paper

This serie began during the first confinement in March 2020, at that moment when the world stopped.
It goes against my usual productions. It is a new step in my process because I return to my origins, that of drawing with my hands. I have returned to my old habits of creation while adding them to my current work. 
This aesthetic is close to the natural effects found in "Ebru", a traditional Turkish art, or the technique of "Suminagashi", a traditional Japanese art that consists of creating abstract patterns by applying pigments on water. The particularity of my productions is to realize these same patterns with my own hands and with the only reference being my first intuition, thus giving unexpected and contrasting fractal and organic effects. The opposition of linear and optical structures brings an impression of depth and volume, like two entities superimposed and simultaneously revealing a more powerful whole.
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