Collaboration with Emma Seegoolam

Experimental video made in three parts

(We recommend using headphones)

"Serendip trip" is a continuation of a collaboration between sound artist
Emma Seegoolam and visual artist Alex Pariss that began during his solo exhibition "To our sensitive eyes" at Doc's Gallery/Residency that ran from
May 7-16, 2021.

In the manner of two multi-sensory travelers, E. Seegoolam and A. Pariss have imagined for the occasion an organic crossing in the meanders of fragmented visual composition and saturated natural sound. By stimulating our senses,
the 3 parts of "Serendip trip" suck us into a flow of ultra bright black and white textures to simultaneously take us beyond our imagination with its soft, 
subtle and percussive sound frequencies.

Musical and sound creation: Emma Seegoolam
Fragmented videos: Alex Pariss

Sound creation realized mainly from #fieldrecording in Saint-broing les moines, Saint-malo, Paris and inside Doc's showroom (@doc.expo) with a #zoomh6
Sound software: #reaper , #abletonlive and #maxmsp
Video editing software: #reaper and #photoshop​​​​​​​
Part 01
Part 02
Part 03

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