288x160 cm
Painting on metal plate

Painting exhibited in the new social buildings of the pyramids district
Evry (91)
Île-de-France (FR)

Curated by La Constellation Compagny for the account Les Résidences

As part of a renovation plan for several neighborhoods in the Yvelines and Essonne departments, the landlord "Les résidences Yvelines-Essonne," in collaboration with the association "La Constellation," is highlighting cultural projects and allowing residents to participate in the creation of a work related to the chosen artist's universe.

"The Dragon Planets" is a triptych created on metal panels and presented in the hall of 308 Square du Dragon in the Pyramides district of Evry-Courcouronnes (91). This painting is, in a way, a tribute to the 1970s. This particularly unique decade was the subject of a vast experimental plan in many fields.

Between underground illustration, optical art, and Brutalist architecture, the idea of showcasing my work in an environment typical of those years has been very inspiring. The Pyramides of Evry originate from a project launched in 1971, envisioned by architects Michel Andrault and Pierre Parat of the ANPAR agency. They designed a large number of collective housing units and contributed to new forms of construction by initiating an architecture of terraced cells called "Pyramides," which can be found in various cities on the outskirts of the capital.

The work I created, whose aesthetics can be likened to certain 70s artists such as P. Druillet, P. Caza, or J. Giraud, who brought culture into homes through comic books, or even the Optical Art of V. Vasarely, considering that art should become popular and extend beyond galleries. Although these disciplines are relatively distant from each other, they nonetheless share a common link and social ambition: to elevate citizens by providing better living conditions and easier access to culture.
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