- SUN AT THE ZENITH - Gemellarte residency

1700x400 cm
Acrylic and gaffer

Fresco under the bridge of the city of Terni
Terni (05)
Umbria region (IT)

Assisted by Giulia Ceccarani
Shooting & video: ©Tommaso Scalise

Thanks to Hélène Kelmachter and Angelo Sidori from Institut Français Italia and The French Embassy in Italy​​​​​​​ for their support.

The work symbolizes a rising sun in frame by frame animation. On different parts of the wall, we see a sun changing color with a background of deconstructed black lines moving like clouds of abstract smoke. The first three images show the sphere below the rising horizon, while the last three images show it above.
It is within the framework of Gemellarte, the cultural twinning project between the city of Saint-Ouen in France and the city of Terni that I was able to realize during 10 days this painting.
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